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Malaga, Andalusia, ES

El Triángulo

Sector in Villanueva del Rosario

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Climbing in El Triángulo


Orientation: South, west.
Rules: Do not lit fire, do not make noise, do not throw butts, do not camp, do not throw trash, do not leave dungs.
Other information: Use of helmet highly recomended.

The Triangle is an climbing area of vertical limestone rock located in Villanueva del Rosario, where you will find both sport and traditional multipitch routes, as well as single pitch sport routes.

The average length of the wall is between 100 and 120 metres, the base of the wall is at 1380 metres above sea level. This wall has potential for self-protection routes from one to four pitches.

Regarding the opening style of the existing routes, some have been opened from below combining free climbing with aid climbing, while others have been bolted from above.

Restrictions and prohibitions

Although there are no restrictions or prohibitions in this area, we must be very aware that it belongs to the Sierra de Camarolos, which was declared Special Area of Conservation (more details in the following section).

The Triangle does not belong to any private property.

Protection regime

Decree 110/2015 of 17 March 2005 declaring Special Areas of Conservation the Sierras de Gádor and Énix (ES6110008), Sierra del Alto de Almagro (ES6110011), Sierras Almagrera, de los Pinos and El Aguilón (ES6110012), Sierra Líjar (ES6120013), southwest of the Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro (ES6130005), Guadalmellato (ES6130006), Guadiato-Bembézar (ES6130007), Sierra de Loja (ES6140008), Sierras Bermeja and Real (ES6170010), Sierra Blanca (ES6170011), Sierra de Camarolos (ES6170012), Valle del Río del Genal (ES6170016) and Sierra Blanquilla (ES6170032).

Note about authorship

The information available in this area, as well as the picture used for this topo belongs to José María Sánchez Leal, who has given permission to CartoWall to publish them.

You can have a look at his blog here: http://casachaparrorural.blogspot.com.es

Information available in other language: ES

Route nameGrade
La Hiedra
P1: 6b, P2: 6b, P3: 6b, P4: V+, P5: V+
La Soledad del PrimeroClásica
P1: 6a+, P2: V, P3: V, P4: 6a

Lagarto VolaorClásica
P1: V+ E1, P2: 7a+ E1+, P3: 6b E1

Los AbuelosClásica
P1: A2, P2: 6b, P3: III, P4: V, P5: 6b
V A2