CartoWall is a collaborative climbing topos database with gigapixel resolution.

Our main goal is to allow and facilitate the precise and complete documentation of climbing routes around the world, by combining extremely-high resolution images with our vectorial topo drawing system.

This site is still under active development and evolution. If you want to contact us, you can write an email to support@cartowall.com.

CartoWall is a free website, but keeping it running has a cost. If you wish you can support this project by making a donation. We will be very grateful and you will contribute to the improvement of this website!

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We are delighted to have collaborated with the Rally 12h El Chorro 2019, which took place in 30 March at El Chorro (province of Malaga). The topo of the routes, as well as details of the score are still available.

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If you want to contribute your knowledge and enrich the contents of CartoWall for the benefit of the whole community, you can do it by drawing or correcting climbing routes directly on the images, you will be surprised how easy it is.

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We have added four new gigapixel images from the Grazalema area: Peñón Grande, Peñon Chico, Cara Oeste del Peñón and Aguja del Puerto de las Palomas.

If you wish to contribute by drawing route topos or with interesting information about this area.... Go ahead!

Don't you know how to do it? Check out this tutorial. If after reading the tutorial you still have questions, write us to support@cartowall.com.

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The topos as well as the score of the routes of the I Rally de Escalada en Espiel are now available in CartoWall. Besides visualizing them in CartoWall, you can also download them!

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Climbing areas

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 3Routes: 1Topos: 2

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Antigua Cantera de Torremolinos

Crags: 3Routes: 16Topos: 1

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 7Routes: 58Topos: 4

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 2Routes: 33Topos: 1

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 11Routes: 259Topos: 9

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

El Chorro

Crags: 70Routes: 1076Topos: 22

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

El Torcal

Crags: 10Routes: 150Topos: 12

Cordoba, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 30Routes: 275Topos: 7

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 2Routes: 1Topos: 1

Cadiz, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 5Routes: 1Topos: 4

Granada, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 13Routes: 82Topos: 5

Huesca, Aragon, ES

Mallos de Riglos

Crags: 1Routes: 22Topos: 1

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 8Routes: 102Topos: 7
Crags: 1Routes: 0Topos: 1

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Peñón de Ríogordo

Crags: 1Routes: 2Topos: 1

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Pinares de San Antón

Crags: 3Routes: 112Topos: 3

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Puerto Rico

Crags: 12Routes: 75Topos: 3

Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Crags: 12Routes: 65Topos: 3

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Valle de Abdalajís

Crags: 7Routes: 77Topos: 1

Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Villanueva del Rosario

Crags: 13Routes: 81Topos: 15

Mariposa County, California, US

Yosemite Valley

Crags: 2Routes: 15Topos: 1
Crags: 1Routes: 44Topos: 4