Why do we need your donation?

This website is offered completely free of charge to the climbing community, but the development and maintenance of CartoWall entails significant costs. As you can imagine, among other things it is necessary to cover costs both in servers and infrastructure to keep CartoWall up and running, as well as in travelling and other costs derived from taking photographies.

Receiving a donation is very important to us because:

  • It makes us notice that people value the work that is done at CartoWall and encourages us to continue its development.
  • It allows us to reduce the costs of keeping CartoWall online.
  • It makes possible the inclusion of new zones in the web, since the costs of the displacements and diets are reduced.
  • It makes the inclusion of advertising in CartoWall unnecessary.
  • With a sufficiently large number of donations we could also renew our photographic equipment, with the consequent improvement in the quality of the images.

Cheer up and make a donation. We will really appreciate it.

People photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com