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Malaga, Andalusia, ES

El Triángulo

Sector in Villanueva del Rosario

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The access to El Triángulo is done walking from the Mirador del Alto del Hondonero parking, where we leave our vehicle. Approximation time is about 20 minutes.

See access track in Wikiloc. 

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Route nameGrade
La Hiedra
P1: 6b, P2: 6b, P3: 6b, P4: V+, P5: V+
La Soledad del PrimeroClásica
P1: 6a+, P2: V, P3: V, P4: 6a

Lagarto VolaorClásica
P1: V+ E1, P2: 7a+ E1+, P3: 6b E1

Los AbuelosClásica
P1: A2, P2: 6b, P3: III, P4: V, P5: 6b
V A2