Yosemite Valley > El Capitan

The Nose, 880m

P1: 5.10d, P2: 5.11a, P3: 5.10c, P4: 5.11a, P5: 4, P6: 5.9, P7: 5.8, P8: 5.9, P9: 5.10a, P10: 5.9, P11: 5.10a, P12: 5.10a, P13: 5.9, P14: 5.10c, P15: 5.10c, P16: 5.10c, P17: 5.9, P18: 5.9, P19: A1, P20: 5.10a, P21: 5.10d, P22: 5.10c, P23: 5.8, P24: 5.11a, P25: A1, P26: 5.8, P27: 5.10d 880m

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The Nose is one of the most emblematic routes in El Capitan and, perhaps, the most popular big-wall route in the world. Its first ascent was done by the mythical party Warren Harding, Wayne Merry and George Whitmore in 1958, for which they spent a total of 47 days.

Nowadays this route is climbed by numerous parties every day. The current speed record for this spectacular route is set in just under 2 hours (1:58:07 by Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold).

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