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Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, California, US

El Capitan

Attention: The route paths are approximate, given the disparity of the data found.

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Photo courtesy of Ron Schott.

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  El Capitan    

  • (1) The Salathé Wall
    P1: 5.10c, P2: 5.8, P3: 5.11a, P4: 5.10b, P5: 5.11b, P6: 5.11a, P7: 5.9, P8: 5.10c, P9: 5.7, P10: 5.8, P11: 5.10b, P12: 5.11c, P13: 5.12a, P14: 5.9, P15: 5.8, P16: 5.10a, P17: 5.10c, P18: 5.10d, P19: 5.11d, P20: 5.13d, P21: 5.10a, P22: 5.7, P23: 5.10d, P24: 5.11a, P25: 5.12d, P26: 5.10c, P27: 5.11a, P28: 5.12b, P29: 5.12d, P30: 5.12a, P31: 5.13b, P32: 5.11c, P33: 5.10b
  • (2) The Nose
    P1: 5.10d, P2: 5.11a, P3: 5.10c, P4: 5.11a, P5: 4, P6: 5.9, P7: 5.8, P8: 5.9, P9: 5.10a, P10: 5.9, P11: 5.10a, P12: 5.10a, P13: 5.9, P14: 5.10c, P15: 5.10c, P16: 5.10c, P17: 5.9, P18: 5.9, P19: A1, P20: 5.10a, P21: 5.10d, P22: 5.10c, P23: 5.8, P24: 5.11a, P25: A1, P26: 5.8, P27: 5.10d
  • (3) Freerider (5.12d)
    P1: 5.11d, P2: 5.10d, P3: 5.11d, P4: 5.10d
  • (4) The Dawn Wall
    P1: 5.12b, P2: 5.13a, P3: 5.13c, P4: 5.12b, P5: 5.12d, P6: 5.13c, P7: 5.14a, P8: 5.13d, P9: 5.13c, P10: 5.14a, P11: 5.13c, P12: 5.14b, P13: 5.13b, P14: 5.14d, P15: 5.14d, P16: 5.14a, P17: 5.14a, P18: 5.13c, P19: 5.13b, P20: 5.13d, P21: 5.13d, P22: 5.10a, P23: 5.11a, P24: 5.11a, P25: 5.11d, P26: 5.11c, P27: 5.12c, P28: 5.12b, P29: 5.12b, P30: 5.13a, P31: 5.12b
  • (6) Pacific Ocean Wall (5.9 A3)
    P1: A1, P2: A2/3, P3: A3, P4: A2, P5: A3, P6: A3, P7: A3, P8: A3, P9: A3, P10: A3, P11: A3, P12: A3+, P13: A3+, P14: A2, P15: A3, P16: A3/+, P17: A4, P18: A2, P19: A3, P20: 5.9, P21: A4, P22: 5.5 A3, P23: 5.8 A3, P24: A1, P25: 5.10a A1
  • (7) North America Wall (5.8 A3)
    P1: 5.11a, P2: A2, P3: A2+, P4: A4+, P5: 5.8, P6: 5.7 A2, P7: A2, P8: 5.6 A2, P9: A1, P10: 5.7 A2, P11: 5.6, P12: 5.7 A1, P13: A2, P14: A1, P15: A2, P16: A2, P17: A2, P18: A2, P19: 5.8 A2, P20: A2, P21: A3, P22: 5.7 A1, P23: A2, P24: A2, P25: 5.7 A2, P26: 5.6
  • (8) El Niño (5.13c A2)
    P1: 5.6, P2: 5.8, P3: 5.13a, P4: 5.12d, P5: 5.13c, P6: 5.11a, P7: 5.11d, P8: 5.9, P9: 5.11a, P10: 5.6 A2, P11: A1, P12: 5.7 A2, P13: 5.6, P14: 5.7 A1, P15: A2, P16: A1, P17: A2, P18: A2, P19: A2, P20: A2, P21: 5.8 A2, P22: ?, P23: ?, P24: 5.9, P25: 5.10a, P26: ?
  • (9) Gulf Stream (5.10a A4)
    P1: 5.8, P2: A3, P3: A3+, P4: A3, P5: A3, P6: 5.9 A3+, P7: A3, P8: A3, P9: A3, P10: 5.10a, P11: A2, P12: A3+, P13: A4, P14: A3, P15: 5.7 A3, P16: 5.6 A4, P17: 5.4 A3
  • (10) Native Son
    P1: A3, P2: A3, P3: A3+, P4: 5.9, P5: A4+, P6: A2, P7: A3+, P8: A3+, P9: A3, P10: A4, P11: A2, P12: A3, P13: A0, P14: A4
  • (11) Tangerine Trip
    P1: A2, P2: 5.9 A2, P3: 5.6 A1, P4: A3, P5: A3, P6: A2, P7: A1, P8: 5.7 A2, P9: A0, P10: A2+, P11: A3, P12: A3, P13: A2+, P14: A2, P15: ?, P16: A2, P17: 5.7, P18: A1, P19: 5.6
  • (12) Kaos
    P1: A3, P2: A3, P3: A3, P4: 5.9 A1, P5: A3, P6: A3+, P7: A2, P8: A4, P9: A3, P10: A3+, P11: A3, P12: A2, P13: A3, P14: 5.7
  • (13) Zodiac
    P1: 5.10d, P2: 5.13a, P3: 5.9, P4: 5.11b, P5: 5.12a, P6: 5.11b, P7: 5.11c, P8: 5.7, P9: 5.13b, P10: 5.13a, P11: 5.13c, P12: 5.13d, P13: 5.12b, P14: 5.12d, P15: 5.10b
  • (14) Surgeon General
    P1: A4, P2: A4, P3: A2+, P4: ?, P5: ?, P6: A3+, P7: A3, P8: A4, P9: A3, P10: A4, P11: A2+, P12: A2, P13: A3, P14: A3+, P15: A4, P16: A3
  • (15) The Prophet
    P1: 5.12b, P2: 5.12b, P3: 5.11d, P4: 5.13a, P5: 5.13b, P6: 5.13b, P7: 5.12b, P8: 5.13b, P9: 5.13c, P10: 5.12b, P11: 5.13d, P12: 5.12b, P13: 5.13b, P14: 5.12b