El Chorro > Frontales Medias > Poema de Roca

Pandemia Letal, 140m

P1: 6b+ 35m , P2: 7b+ 25m , P3: 8a+ 25m , P4: 8b 20m , P5: 6c 35m

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Sport climbing route located in the Poema de Roca sector (Frontales Media, El Chorro), opened from below by Rubén de Francisco and Pedro Soto on December 21 and 22, 2019, and completed on February 23, 2020. The first two pitches, named Hierbas Letales, were opened in the 90's.


  • 12 quickdraws.
  • 70m or better 80m rope.
  • Advisable: 0,3 – 0,4 – 0,75 friends and a 7 or 8 nut, for some distance between bolts.


The grades for P3 and P4 are an open proposition, they are an open project for all climbers. It will be one of the hardest wall routes in Andalusia in terms of difficulty in free, although well protected.


Multiple options:

  • First option. Rappelling along the route El Señor de las Tinieblas, which starts at the right end of the shelf (facing the wall).
  • Second option (recommended). Go up the easy climb to the left (facing the wall) and walk down the other face towards the Escalera Árabe.
  • Third option. Rappeling the route, although it is not recommended as it implies risk: it collapses too much and it requires great experience.

Warnings and prohibitions

Attention on L5, which still has some large blocks to be thrown, impossible to clean because of the number of climbers under the route at this time, although they are easily passed through.