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Malaga, Andalusia, ES

El Chorro

Climbing area

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Climbing in El Chorro


Territory: Natural park.
Orientation: Walls oriented to all directions.
Season: All seasons.
Rules: Do not lit fire, do not make noise, do not throw butts, do not camp, do not throw trash, do not leave dungs.
Other information: Camping and vivaqs allowed, nearby accomodation, parking nearby, use of helmet highly recomended.

El Chorro is one of the most important crags in Spain, and worldwide recognized by the quality of their routes and its weather. The main reasons are the variety of their crags, their orientations and the different climbing styles available. This is one of the prefeered central-european climbers' international destinations for spring and winter.

Warnings and prohibitions

It's completely forbidden walking along the railway or crossing it.

Vehicles are forbidden in the Haza del Rio road (unpaved), which goes from El Chorro Station to La Escalera Árabe.

Climbing in the following places is strictly prohibited (BOJA Número 136 - Lunes, 16 de julio de 2018, página 11):

The following areas are located on private property. The practice of climbing is subject to authorization by the owners:

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