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Yo ya la vi!!, 115m, 6b+Traditional

P1: 6b+ 40m , P2: 6a 40m , P3: V+ 35m

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Traditional climbing route located at Tajo del Cabrero, opened in October 2018 by Alex Santana, Gonzalo Caballero and Luis Pérez.

Beautiful and evident line that runs through the main dihedral of the wall. Perhaps more complicated than it seems on paper, but good route to begin to know the wall.

Do you want to climb this route with a certified rock climbing guide?

Luis Pérez Corral, certified rock climbing guide, offers you this possibility and many more. For more information you can access his website Escalada en Málaga. Luis is also one of the route openers.


As it is an adventure terrain, it is difficult to give a stimated time. It will depend on the climbers' experience and abilities. Generally speaking we could consider a time between 3 and 4 hours.


The following gear was used for the first ascent:

  • Double ropes with 50/60m.
  • Two sets of Totems up to nº2.
  • Two Camalots of nº3.
  • One Camalot of nº4.
  • A full set of stoppers.
  • Classic alpine quickdraws.


Pitch 1. 40m, 6b+

Two bolts. Belay station equiped with dos bolts without captive rings.

Initial technical section, somewhat difficult, and physical. Very good pitch, and maybe something hard to warm up if you do it in free. Have a good breakfast and have some coffee !! ;-)

Pay attention to the rock on the last meters of the pitch.

Pitch 2. 40m, 6a

Two bolts. Belay station equiped with dos bolts without captive rings.

The first meters are along a beautiful dihedral that will carry you to an spectacular chimney. Last meters with some ambient.

Pitch 3. 35m, V+

The belay station has to be setup using a tree at the ending of the pitch.

Clean. The first meters are somehow dirty until you reach an enormous slab that you can avoid on the right. There are still some steps before the end of the section.


The descent is made on foot, by obvious terrain to the west. It takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Warnings and prohibitions

Climbing in this area is prohibited between January and June, both months included.

Always pay attention to the quality of the rock. Adventure terrain.