Villanueva del Rosario > Chilam

La Planta de Shiva, 40m, 9b

P1: 8c, P2: 9b

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High difficulty sport climbing route, bolted by José Irigoyen (first pitch) and Manolo Castillo (second pitch).

It is a 40-meter-long route, extremely hard and explosive, with total absence of rest, that runs along the largest of the collapses of the Chilam cave, in Villanueva del Rosario.

The hardest part begins after the first belay station, where there is an active rest on holds and begins a very hard section of about five bolts very technical, finding the crux of the route more or less halfway to the second pitch.

Adam Ondra (April 13,2011)

The first ascent of this route was sent by the Czech Adam Ondra on April 13,2011, giving him a grade of 9b and claiming that it was possibly the hardest route he had ever climbed. Fourteen attempts and seven days of work were necessary.

Jakob Schubert (January 9,2016)

The first repetition of La Planta de Shiva came on January 9,2016 from Austrian Jakob Schubert. Two and a half weeks of hard work were necessary to achieve this repetition for the World Cup (2011 and 2014) and World Championship (2012) winner, claiming that it was the hardest route they had ever climbed.

Angela Eiter (22 October 2017)

The second repetition of this impressive route was carried out by the Austrian climber Angela Eiter, marking a milestone in the world of sport climbing, being 31 years old the first woman in the world who manages to climb 9b. It is worth mentioning that Angela carried out her ascent without counting on one of the few rest holds offered by the road, since it had broken before.