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Cencerro Gordo - Variante Directa, 250m, V+Traditional

P1: IV+ 45m , P2: IV 50m , P3: V 45m , P4: V+ 30m , P5: V 50m , P6: IV 30m

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Traditional climbing route firstly ascended in 1999 by Miguel A. López and Eduardo Llinás. It appears on page 3 of the document of unknown origin with the title Guide to the Rock of Grazalema Apr 2009, with the following text in the photo caption:

Cencerro Gordo - Miguel A. López, Eduardo Llinás 1996. Vº-/IVº/Vº-/IVº/Vº/Vº-/Vº-.

Variante Directa. Same authors. 1999. V+.

The topo shown corresponds to the repetition carried out on Saturday April 21, 2018 by Antonio Cuadrado and Juan Miguel González, with a total of 6 pitches. 60-meter ropes were used.