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Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Peñón de Ríogordo

Climbing area

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Climbing in Peñón de Ríogordo


Territory: Private property.
Orientation: South.
Rules: Do not lit fire, do not make noise, do not throw butts, do not camp, pets not allowed, do not throw trash, do not leave dungs.
Other information: Use of helmet highly recomended.

The Peñon de Riogordo, of which we do not know its local name, is located in the Sierra de Camarolos, within the municipality of Riogordo. It is a quiet and secluded place that presents on its south and southeast sides interesting limestone rock walls very suitable for traditional climbing.

At the moment, only two traditional routes have been opened on these walls. These routes have very little equipment and for its repetition it is necessary to carry self-protection gear.

Restrictions and prohibitions

There is no express prohibition to climb in this area, but it must be taken into account that it is a private property.

It is important not to go with dogs, because at the base of the walls there are some plains where we will often find sheep and horses.

Protection regime

The Sierra de Camarolos is currently protected as a Site of Community Interest (SCI), which after its approval by the European Union has become ZEC (Special Conservation Area) code ES6170012, forming part of the Natura 2000 Network of the European Union, and therefore with all the elements of protection that appear in any natural space of the Network of Natural Spaces of Andalusia RENPA (source: Ecologistas en Acción).

Note about authorship

The information available in this area, as well as the photos (including the topo) belongs to José María Sánchez Leal, who has given permission to CartoWall to publish them.

You can have a look at his blog here: http://casachaparrorural.blogspot.com.es

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Route nameGrade
Ara 115m Clásica
P1: V E1 45m , P2: 6b+ E1 40m , P3: IV+ E1 30m
6b+ E1
Como todo mortal 100m Clásica
P1: 6b E1 30m , P2: 6b E1 30m , P3: 6a E1
6b E1
Romaní 90m Clásica
P1: V+ E2 50m , P2: 6a+ E1+
6a+ E2
Simplejidad 100m Clásica
P1: V+ E1 40m , P2: 6b E1 30m , P3: A1/E1 30m
6b E1