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El Chorro, Malaga, Andalusia, ES

Los Cotos, Makinodromo y otros

Attention: We have moved El Makinodromo's topo to other picture. Click here to see it.

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Los Cotos (More information)

Cotos Medios (More information)

Tajo del Almorchón (More information)

  • (1) Anima Mundi
    P1: IV+, P2: 6a, P3: III, P4: 6a, P5: 6a, P6: IV
  • (2) Semilla de Oro
    P1: V, P2: IV, P3: 6a, P4: II, P5: 6b, P6: 6c+, P7: 6a, P8: III
  • (3) Numolite Route
    P1: IV, P2: IV+, P3: IV, P4: 6a+, P5: 6a, P6: V, P7: IV