El Chorro > Frontales Bajas


P1: 6c 55m , P2: 6b 25m , P3: 6a 25m , P4: 6b+ 40m , P5: IV+ 35m

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Multi-pitch sport climbing route located in the Frontales Bajas (El Chorro). The three pitches that connect with the Amptrax route's traverse where bolted in 2015 by Juan Serrano, José Antonio Crespo y Nico Rando, while the two final pitches were bolted in Jauary 2020 by Ramón Enrique and Nico Rando with material donated by Rockfax.



  • 60 meters double rope or 80 meters single rope.
  • Quickdraws.


The route has its first length in common with the Ebola route. Once its first belay station has been reached, the route separates from it to go towards the beginning of the Amptrax traverse, which we will reach after climbing a total of three pitches. Before January 2020, from this point we had to continue the Amptrax route (traverse + three final pitches), but currently it has an independent exit of two lengths bolted by Ramon Enrique and Nico Rando.


We recommend not to rappel the route and doing the descent on foot, around the back side of the Frontales by using the following itinerary:


In case you want to rappel, do it through the Ebola route.