El Chorro > Placas del Olimpo

Sambary Nai, 150m

P1: V 25m , P2: IV+ 35m , P3: V 35m , P4: V+ 35m , P5: V+ 20m

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Multi-pitch sport climbing route, located in the Placas del Olimpo (El Chorro), opened from below on 17 November 2019 by Mar Aguirre and Manuel Rodríguez. This is a very enjoyable route that follows the natural line of the rock until reaching the summit, which has been cleaned completely so that you only have to focus on climbing and enjoy the breathtaking views.



  • 75-80 meters rope.
  • Quickdraws.


Sambary Nai follows the natural layout of the wall and has very comfortable belay stations, with the exception of the fourth one, which offers a smaller space.

At the summit, and just above the last belay station, several bolts have been placed so that you can sit down and get comfortable.

The lengths of the pitches are P1 25m, P2 35m, P3 35m, P4 35m and P5 20m



The descent has to be done by rappelling the route.

Warnings and prohibitions

Loose terrain if we go out of the route. Therefore, do not leave the route path when we are going up, or when we descend by rappel.