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Mar, 105m, VTraditional

P1: V 25m , P2: IV 55m , P3: V 25m

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Trad climbing route opened from below by Manuel Rodriguez, soloing the first two pitches and the third with the help of Emilio and Mar. This is a perfect route for beginners in classic climbing. Incredible views.


All of the route's belay stations have a chain with ring. Some cords have been left on rock bridges and a hanger on the crux of the first pitch.

As necessary material, in addition to quickdraws and two ropes of 60 metres, carry a set of nuts and Camalots up to 3.


The route starts in a hanger placed at the beginning of the route with some little cowbells.

Pitch 1. 25m, V

Obvious line that starts on a flat slab and that you pass through an easy stepped zone that leads to a small step that gives the route its grade and that is protected by a hanger. Chained belay station with ring on a spacious ledge.

Pitch 2. 55m, IV

Easy climbing with good views that ends on a large ledge with a belay station with ring and chain. Some cords on rock bridges.

Pitch 3. 25m, V

We will find a small overhang that is surpassed by the right, to enter in a lying slab easy to protect. Some cords have been left on rock bridges.

We have two belay stations: a first one with chain and ring, which is where the pitch ends and from where we rappel; and a little further up, there are 2 plates without a ring in case we want to access the large terrace.

The pitch ends at the first belay, but you can pass this one and belay more comfortably from a little higher up, although, as mentioned previously, you must rappel from the belay station.


The route is rappelled where it is climbed.