El Chorro > Frontales Medias > Mundo

Fanatik@s , 82m

P1: 6a 25m , P2: 6a 42m , P3: IV+ 15m

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Multi-pitch sport climbing route, located in the Mundo sector (Frontales Medias, El Chorro). Bolted from below by Mar Aguirre, Roberto Fernández and Manuel Rodríguez. The work of bolting and cleaning the route was completed on December 30, 2019.

The name of the route, Fanátic@s, refers to the group of people of which the equippers of this road are part. The Fanátic@s are a mixed group of men, women and children who meet every weekend to practice outdoor sports in a healthy and environmentally friendly way (climbing, running, cycling, swimming, etc.).


Currently, the authors of the route are working on two additional pitches. Please climb only to the top of the third pitch. Do not continue from this point. We will notify you when these two additional pitches have been completed and cleaned up properly.


1 hour.



  • 80-meters rope.
  • Quickdraws.


This is a very beautiful and easy to climb 80-metre route that follows the natural line that leads to a large cornice under the overhang. Wonderful views.


It is done by abseiling along the same route, for which we must use an 80-meter rope.

Warnings and prohibitions

Mandatory use of 80-meter rope. The length of the second pitch reaches 42 metres, but you can safely abseil with an 80-metre rope as it is laid out in a parabola, leaving the length to be abseiled at about 36 metres.