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Blue Line, 350m, V+

P1: IV+ 32m , P2: IV 32m , P3: IV 30m , P4: IV+ 32m , P5: IV/+ 30m , P6: IV+/V 30m , P7: IV+ 30m , P8: IV+ 30m , P9: IV+ 30m , P10: V+ 30m , P11: IV+ 18m , P12: IV+ 20m

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Sport climbing route opened in 2017 by Tobias & Grit Görtz, with the participation of some friends. Blue Line follows a steep, right-keeping ramp with bushes, grasscushions and trees left and right but climbing line is clean and on solid and untouched rock.

The route is completely bolted and all belay stations have chain and ring. This is a nice climbing with homogene difficulty in the range of IV – V+. The crux is in the 10th pictch (V+).

The first pitch marked on the topo corresponds to the first two pitches of Los Arcángeles. Blue Line starts from here.


  • 70m rope.
  • 18 quickdraws.


One you finish the last pitch you have to downclimb northbound about 10 meters to easy terrain (II), and keep descending northbound to a trail that will lead you to the Escalera Árabe. The descent time is about 45 minutes. Rapelling not recommendable.

See the recommended descent itinerary on WikiLoc.

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