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P1: V 20m , P2: 6a 30m , P3: 6a 20m , P4: 6c+ 40m

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Traditional climbing route located at Tajo del Cabrero, opened in November 2017 by Gonzalo Caballero, Alex Santana and Luis Pérez.

Line that looks for, in a very intuitive way, the enormous limestone tube of the last pitch. Each pitch has its charm, although perhaps in the second you need some cold blood to pass the delicate and inevitable slab to leave the belay station. Highly recommended.

Do you want to climb this route with a certified rock climbing guide?

Luis Pérez Corral, certified rock climbing guide, offers you this possibility and many more. For more information you can access his website Escalada en Málaga. Luis is also one of the route openers.


As it is an adventure terrain, it is difficult to give a stimated time. It will depend on the climbers' experience and abilities. Generally speaking we could consider a time between 3 and 4 hours.


  • Double ropes of 50/60m.
  • Set of Totems. Duplicate colors orange, red, green and blue.
  • One Camalot nº3 and another nº4.
  • One Camalot of nº4.
  • Set of stoppers.
  • Helmet.


Pitch 1. 20m, V

Equipped belay station.

Largo desequipado. Se puede proteger bien y los emplazamientos son evidentes. Evitar algunos bloques sueltos. Terreno algo sucio. Aventurilla.

Pitch 2. 30m, 6a

Two bolts, Equipped belay station.

Much attention to the inevitable slab on leaving the belay station, delicate climbing. Crossing to the left after the second bolt.

Pitch 3. 20m, 6a

The belay station is a bolt and an arch.

A piton protects a decision step in the middle of the course. Very nice pitch.

Pitch 4. 40m, 6a+ A0 (en libre 6c/+)

Natural belay station in a tree.

Two bolts protect two smooth sections in this incredible limestone tube. Very nice and varied climbing in a lunar environment.


At the top, 10 meters to the left we have the abseil line of the route Diedro Rosa.

You can go down on foot.

Warnings and prohibitions

Climbing in this area is prohibited between January and June, both months included.

Always pay attention to the quality of the rock. Adventure terrain.