El Chorro > Escalera Suiza

Alcalá de Guadaira, 200m

P1: IV+ 30m , P2: V+ 30m , P3: IV 20m , P4: V 30m , P5: V+ 30m , P6: IV+ 25m , P7: IV 20m

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Multipitch sport climbing route located at the beginning of the Escalera Árabe, in El Chorro, bolted in December 2018 by Manuel Rodríguez alongside his friends Andrés Hermosin and Isaac Ordóñez.

Opened from below and with belay stations equiped with two fixed hangers with captive rings. The first two pitches were opened alone by Manuel, using self-protection techniques and carrying all the gear on his back (drill, hangers, ropes, etc.). He opened the rest of the lengths together with his friend Andrés Hermosín, who collaborated as belayer and in the cleaning of the route. The work of Isaac Ordóñez in the securing of the area during the morning in which the cleaning of the rock was carried out should be highlighted.


Three hours, one more for the descent.



  • Rope of at least 70 meters.
  • Quickdraws.


The pitches have approximately the following lengths: P1 30m, P2 30m, P3 20m, P4 30m, P5 30m, P6 25m, P7 20m

The crux of the route is in the fifth pitch (6a), where you have to make a crossing to the right and pass a small overhang.

The second pitch should also be highligted, just before the ending of the pitch you will find the step that gives the grade to the route.

All belay stations are in good ledges.


The descent should be made through the Escalera Árabe. There is an excellent rappel system available for this purpose, whose start is very close to the last belay station of the route. From this you will be able to access to the path that goes through the Escalera Árabe, where we will continue our descent.

See the recommended descent itinerary on WikiLoc.

Be carefull, because it is a 35 meters rappel. You have to use a rope of at least 70 meters in order to do it. Do not forget making a stoper knot, just in case.

Warnings and prohibitions

Rappeling the route is not recommended.