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Sector Perdio (Salto de la Zorra)

Sector in El Chorro

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Climbing in Sector Perdio (Salto de la Zorra)


Orientation: South, west.
Season: Spring, autumn, winter.
Rules: Do not lit fire, do not make noise, do not throw butts, do not camp, do not throw trash, do not leave dungs.
Other information: Nearby accomodation, parking nearby, use of helmet highly recomended.
Sector Perdio is a small sport climbing sector located in the outskirts of El Chorro, bolted in 2019 by Sergio Bernabeu, Antonio Tarraja and Chris Miller, with the support of El Chorro Bolting Team.

It is a sector for seasons when it is not hot, since the sun shines there almost all day long. There are routes for all tastes: most of them are within the sixth grade, but we will also find a fourth, some seventh, and even an eighth!

About El Chorro Bolting Team

El Chorro Bolting Team is a group of climbers who are dedicated to both restoring old routes and equipping new ones in El Chorro. Their activities are financed by donations made by Rockfax and by the people who visit El Chorro. If you pass by and see one of their piggy banks, cheer up and lend a hand, all the money will go directly to equipment and re-equipment. You can also make a donation via PayPal on the Olive Branch website.

The access to the sector from El Chorro will take us half an hour if we do it by car. For more information about the access itinerary:

Access by car from El Chorro.

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