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Malaga, Andalusia, ES


Climbing area

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Climbing in Alfarnatejo


Territory: Private property.
Season: Spring, autumn, winter.
Rules: Do not lit fire, do not make noise, do not throw butts, do not camp, pets not allowed, do not throw trash, do not leave dungs.
Other information: Nearby accomodation, parking nearby, use of helmet highly recomended.

This is a climbing area on private land. The owners of the land allow climbing as long as the people who practise it are not accompanied by dogs, as they have already stated explicitly. The main reason is that there are cattle in the area that could be affected by the presence of these animals.

It is important to comply with this rule, otherwise the owners could choose to prohibit the practice of climbing permanently on their land, which is obviously prejudicial to everyone.

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Route nameGrade
Axarquía 260m Clásica
P1: IV 50m , P2: IV+ 50m , P3: V 50m , P4: V 50m , P5: V+ 50m
El Coletas y el Borbón. 240m Clásica
P1: V+ , P2: V , P3: V , P4: V+ , P5: V
Espolón Pureta 210m Clásica
P1: V+ , P2: V , P3: V+ , P4: V+
Fantasía Occidental - Primer pilar (de 3) 235m Clásica
P1: IV 55m , P2: III 55m , P3: V 35m , P4: IV 55m , P5: III 35m
V E1